About Us

The AyurVAID Discovery Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to uplifting the current status of Ayurveda through methodical, evidence based research. We aim at achieving this goal by implementation of clinical, observational as well as pharmaceutical research in the efficacy, safety and functionality of Ayurveda concepts.

Our team of expert physicians, proficient researchers and eminent advisory board members, conspire to develop appropriate methodology to investigate Ayurveda criteria without forgoing the holistic approach of this science. Equally important is to asses modern criteria and bridge the gap of traditional and modern medicine hence providing information beneficial to the masses. Ultimately, we aim to establish Ayurveda as an Evidence Based System of Medicine.

ADF implements clinical trials, epidemiological studies, awareness & medical Camps, publications and open discussion with the Ayurveda community. We hold an open discussion forum - Evidence Based Ayurveda on Linkedin.