National Ayurveda Dietetics Research Institute, Bangalore

1. Name Of The Institute National Ayurveda Dietetics Research Institute, Bangalore
2. Name & Designation Of Unit Incharge Dr.B.N.Shridhar Assistant Director-Incharge,[Scientist-4]
3. Address With Phone, Fax No., E Mail National Ayurveda Dietetics Research Institute, Govt. Central Pharmacy Annexe, Ashoka Pillar, Jayanagar Bangalore-560011 080- 26562030 (Telefax), -26524478 0944975853
4. Activities (A) Clinical Research * Open Observational Study on Clinical Safety of Ayurvedic /Siddha Herbo Mineral and Metallic Preparations. * Pharmacovigilance study on Ayurveda and Siddha practices
  (B) Drug Research I. Pharmacognostical studies on Medicinal Plants Including Microscopy and Powder Studies. II.Chemical Analysis of Plant/Mineral/Animal origin drugs and their compund formulations under Ayurveda & Siddha formulation. Studies include: A.Physicochemical Analysis B.Organic & Inorganic Analysis C.TLC Studies D.Shelf-Life Studies
  (C) Survey of Medicinal Plants II.Achievements Taxonomical Studies,Crude Drug Market Survey,Internationally Recognizied Herbarium & Museum a. Medicinal Plants Collected 1672 species of 811 genera & 167 families;Minerals: 15. b. Compound formulations Studied: Ayurveda-110;Siddha-45
5. Facilities Available Analytical Lab: Pathological Lab, Biochemistry Lab.
6. Special Treatment Available Panchkarma, Skin diseases & Geriatrics.