ADF is dedicated to sharing information with the medical community as well as educating the public with tools to better health. With this in mind, we have come out with the ADF Newsletter which focuses on one disease each month, showcasing the Ayurveda aspect, expert physician approach to treatment and the latest research completed on that topic. Published articles:


    Cancer diagnosis, including careful clinical and pathological assessments, is the first step to cancer management. Once a diagnosis is confirmed, it is necessary to determine the cancer stage, where the main goals are to aid in the choice of therapy, to determine prognosis, and to design treatment protocols.The primary....Read More

  2. Interventional role of Haridra (Curcuma longa Linn) in cancer

    Haridra (Curcuma longa Linn (Zingiberaceae family)) is a rhizomatous household spice and has been a widely used herb in India since ancient times. Ayurvedic pharmacodynamics of C. longa are described as follows: Rasa - tikta and katu, Guna - rukhsha and laghu, Virya - ushna, Vipak - katu and Doshaghnata - tridoshshamak. It is used as a tonic,Read More

  3. Combating the Toxicities of Chemotherapy with Rasayana: A Step Towards Integrated Oncology

    Cancer is one of the most dreaded disease of 20th century and spreading further with continuance and increasing incidence in 21st century. Any practical solution in combating this dreadful disease is of paramount importance. No cure should be hazardous than the disease, however chemotherapy opposes this principle and it further worsens the crippled cancer patients with its side effects. Therefore an integrated approach Read More

  4. 10 foods you must include in your diet

    Given the fast paced, sedentary lifestyles we all lead, it is not uncommon to be diagnosed with illnesses. Add to this, the imbalanced food habits of people, and one is destined to put their health and body at risk. To overcome this, one needs to correct their lifestyle as early as possible. Making minor changes in one's diet can Read More