Scientific investigation of concepts in Ayurveda are perplexing as validated research methodology does not always encompass the holistic approach in this system. Therefore ADF incorporates well known tools of medical research and creates novel techniques to effectively assess Ayurveda criteria.

ADF focuses on re-evaluating, re-validation and updating the ancient science of Ayurveda through clinical, observational and pharmaceutical research. Our team of expert physicians at all branches of AyurVAlD hospitals work closely along with the ADF team to evaluate and document the outcomes of each patient. That data, with consent of the patients, then enters our data base which allows us to assess the rate of improvement and track the sustainability of outcomes after treatment. In this manner we conduct in house clinical trials on various disease conditions. Apart from clinical research, ADF recognizes the importance of observing the natural trends of Ayurveda chikitsa and its effectiveness in prevalent conditions.

Till date, many physicians validate concepts in Ayurveda due to its time tested methods. Through epidemiological methods, ADF aims to explore the practices of Ayurveda and provide genuine data.