Research Team

Dr.Varun B Gupta

Dr Varun B Gupta, B.A.M.S., M.Sc. (Med Plant Sci-Pharmacology), Ph.D.

Research Associate at the AyurVAID Discovery Foundation. B.A.M.S. from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik, completed his post-graduation and Ph.D. from IPGT & RA, Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Gujarat. He earlier worked as a Research Associate in CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi sponsored project on Ayurgenomics for about one year. He is an expert in Experimental as well as Clinical Pharmacology in respect of Ayurveda formulations, standardization and establishment of Research Methodology.

He has specialized in Dravyaguna (Ayurveda), Taxonomy (Botany) and is trained in Pharmacognostical - Phytochemical analysis relevant to Ayurvedic formulation (Rasa & Herbal both). He has been part of some Project based Research Studies as Research Fellow including experimental cataract study, toxicity and genotoxicity studies of Bhasma Formulations at Jamnagar. As part of his fellowship, he was associated with the preparation of 2 Monographs and assisted with the preparation of 2 other monographs. He has published 7 Research Articles in various reputed International peer-reviewed journals as author and co-author. He is a Reviewer for one of the most precise; International & Peer reviewed Ayurveda Journals – AYU and Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. He is also trained in ‘IAP-AAP-LDSC Neonatal Resuscitation Program under First Golden Minute Project by Indian Academy of Paediatrics’ as well as in Detailed Objective Phenotypings (Anthropometry, Spirometry, Gustatory and Heart Rate Variability Tests). He is a result driven professional with a verifiable career track of successful Research Projects, known for delivering good results with Experimental and Clinical Medicine in perspective of Ayurveda.

Researcher ID : A-8394-2013
ORC ID : 0000-0002-0550-4596
Indian Pharmacology Society : LG 237 (Lifetime member)
Email ID :